ECOARTS is an American company dedicated to placing products from Brazilian artisans on the international market. To achieve this goal, it relies on partners both in Brazil and in the US. APEX - a Brazilian Governmental Agency for promoting exports, Centro Cape and Central Mãos de Minas help in promoting products on a worldwide level, controlling management, certifying products with a Quality Seal, organizing artisans and legalizing delivery. Minas Gerais’ Government also contributes by supporting the strengthening of the Brazilian organizations (Centro Cape and Mãos de Minas). In the US, ECOARTS relies on support from Worldwide Inc. for the product distribution on the American market.

The products sold by ECOARTS have high quality standards, making then ideal in ensuring the artisans’ sustenance and in attending the needs of middlemen and final customers. ECOARTS is a company situated in Miami and New York which, through partnerships in Brazil and the United States, promotes the Brazilian artisan products on the North-American market. For that, the ECOARTS works with the Brazilian Federal Agency for Promoting Exports and Investments (APEX-Brasil), which promotes the products on the world market. With the Centro Cape, ECOARTS works the managements and the Quality Seal of the commercialized products. The Central Mãos de Minas is a partner which works with the organization of the crafters and the legalization of the transportation of the products. The Government of the State of Minas Gerais acts by strengthening the Brazilian organizations (Centro Cape and Mãos de Minas) to ensure they reach their goals. On the United States, we have a partnership with the Worldwide Inc, in the distribution of the products on the American market.

The concern of ECOARTS it is not only to sell products, but to sell those products which will ensure the income of crafters and, at the same time, satisfy the needs of the middlemen and final customers.

To attend its goals, ECOARTS has a show room at the 249 Monroe Street - Passaic - New Jersey and takes part in more than ten events/fairs every year, showcasing, and much more. Showing the beauty of the Brazilian handcraft.

ECOARTS Showroom
249 Monroe Street - Passaic - New Jersey
P: (973) 365 5800

249 Monroe Street - Passaic - New Jersey, Phone: (973) 365 5800